Useful Links

Hotels – consistently find this the easiest and best website to find my hotels


Skyscanner – always search this first for flights

My two favourite companies for long-haul flights

Emirates – gorgeously comfortable business class

Singapore Air – love they have have an economy section upstairs (just so I can pretend I’m going to first class)

My two favourite companies for short-haul flights

Norwegian Air – love the free wifi

Swiss Air – love the free chocolate (and the fact I once managed to travel with them cheaper on business class than economy!)

Ryanair – now they have sensible hand luggage allowances they have my vote above easy jet


Travel Companies

Explore – travelled around Cambodia & Vietnam with this company

Flying Kiwi – travelled around New Zealand with this company

Intrepid Travel – travelled to Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Thailand and Turkey with this company

Oasis Overland – experienced this company while overloading in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda but they cover most of Africa

On the Go – travelled to Egypt and Jordan with this company

Top Tips

TripAdvisor – I never travel anywhere or book any hotel without consulting this website – although take some reviews with a pinch of salt!

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